Taking care of your pets in the comfort of their own home.

Rabbits at home looked after by pet sitter

We are a professional and friendly pet care company, with a extensive experience looking after a wide variety of animals. When you are away you need a pet sitter you can trust. We have been providing quality pet care since 2011 and have many satisfied clients who continue to use us again and again. We are fully insured, and DBS checked.

Whatever your pets and their needs we offer a tailored service that will ensure they are kept happy and healthy while you are away.

Cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles and many more small animals can relax in their own home whilst we provide top quality care for their every need, including administering medication when necessary.

As part of the service, we can water plants, draw curtains and pull bins out. Having someone keeping an eye on your property regularly will also give you peace of mind, and should any problems occur we will endeavour to contact you immediately or where appropriate advise your nominated contact. We can also provide you with regular updates on your pet’s wellbeing whilst you are away if required.

If you’re planning a holiday or business trip then you can rest assured that your pets will be left in the very best hands while you are away.

Below are some examples of how we can help.

Pet Sitting for Cats

Cat waiting for the cat sitter

Using a pet sitter to look after your cats when you are away can be greatly beneficial to their wellbeing. Cats are much happier when cared for in their own home rather than being in a cattery. Also, where multiple cats are in the house, using a pet sitter can be more cost effective too!

We have extensive experience caring for cats and understand they are all different, with a wide range of personalities. Nervous or anxious cats will be treated sympathetically, and we will take extra steps to ensure they feel safe and secure whilst we take care of their needs. We are fully aware of how sensitive cats are and we are experienced in detecting the subtle signs of stress.

We can cater for all your cat’s needs, including regular medication and special needs/diets. However, unfortunately, we are unable to accept cats with uncontrolled medical conditions.

Litter trays will be cleaned out, feed dishes washed out and topped up and water changed. The cat(s) will also be fussed and encouraged to play if they wish, or just an ear tickle or belly rub if they prefer!

If required, we will also groom your cat; this is especially important in long haired cats, and we will also check your cat over to ensure that they have not been up to any mischief while you are away.

Pet Sitting for Chickens

Chickens looked after by pet sitter

Chickens are now becoming more popular, not only for their eggs but also as friendly and inquisitive pets. As a professional pet sitter, we provide expert care, and we will ensure your feathered friends are given the utmost care and attention. Like most pets, chickens thrive on routine and so we will ensure they are let out in the morning and secured in the evening. Eggs are gathered daily and dated. Fresh water will be supplied, and roosting areas cleaned out to prevent the build-up of droppings.

They will be checked to ensure that there is no sign of illness.

Waterfowl, such as ducks etc., will be let out in the mornings and secured of an evening. They will be fed and any paddling pools for them topped up.

Other Pets

Chinchilla cared for by pet sitter

We have extensive experience caring for a wide range of pets. We can pop in to care for all sorts of animinals in your home while you are away, from small rodents such as mice and rats up to rabbits and birds and much more.

For rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles you may prefer to use our boarding services.

Enquire for details on how our pet sitting service can help care for your little friends.

We recomend that you do not use a pop in pet sitter for dogs as they are social creatures and generally do not cope well with being left alone for long periods of time.