Rabbit Hotel – board your bunnies with us

Pair of rabbits

Looking for somewhere to board your rabbits whilst you go away? Creature Comforts is a family operated business near Swadlincote, South Derbyshire.

We provide luxury accommodation and are very experienced in caring for all breeds.

We are based in a quiet village near to Swadlincote and Burton-on-Trent and we are easily accessible from the A38 and A42.


All rabbit guests will be treated as our own and will be housed either in our luxurious and spacious purpose-built outdoor chalets or in our dedicated indoor rabbit room.

Outdoor chalets are a minimum of 4 feet (1.2m) wide and 6 feet (1.8m) long. An upper level provides sleeping accommodation accessible via a ramp. There is plenty of room for the bunnies to hop and binky!

We have limited space for indoor (house) rabbits. They are not caged but allowed freedom to hop and binky and to have the daily human contact that they are used to.

Creature Comforts are proud to be members of the Rabbit Welfare Association.

Health & Hygiene

Hutches are cleaned daily, including litter trays and feeding bowls and fresh drinking water provided.
Each hutch is spot cleaned daily and disinfected between residents with a vet grade disinfectant. We do not house rabbits on grass as it is impossible to disinfect grass between guests.

Some breeds, especially Rexes, cannot be housed on hard surfaces due to lack of fur on their hocks so we ensure that they are accommodated on a easily cleaned but soft surface.


Fresh food provided daily. Varied vegetables and fresh meadow hay (range of hays available) is replenished twice a day. Litter trays are provided with hay as rabbits love to munch while toileting!

We feed Burgess Excel but if Bunny is given a different dry food at home we suggest that you bring some with you in order to protect his tummy. If Bunny is used to it then we offer a daily vegetable and herb salad for his tea and of course unlimited fresh meadow hay.

Happiness & Wellbeing

We provide daily cuddles and checks.

Rabbits are very sensitive animals and we realise that they need to be handled with great care and that they have very exacting requirements. Diet and behaviour are very important and their behaviour is observed on a daily basis to ensure that ‘Bertie Bunny’ is happy and healthy. They also receive twice daily top to tail checks to ensure that ears, eyes and bottoms are clean and that there is nothing of concern. If we find any problems you are contacted and then bunny is taken to either your vet or to our own excellent vet.

Exercise & Play

Our chalets have plenty of room for rabbits to run and hop and we enhance the runs with toys to throw around and hay boxes to chew on.


Grooming, nail clips and topical fly and biting insects spray is complimentary for our boarders.

Vaccination Requirements

Rabbits must be fully vaccinated (both ‘Nobivac’ and ‘Filavac’, or ‘Nobivac Plus’) and boosters need to be up to date. We will ask to see evidence of this when you drop off your rabbits. This is to protect the other rabbits in our care. If you are unsure about the vaccinations that are required prior to boarding your rabbit with us, please contact us for advice.